Zoos are an excellent way to witness animals from all over the world. Visiting a zoo when you’re travelling is a fun activity for children and adults alike. While wildlife enthusiasts get a chance to witness myriad animals, children can learn about how animals live, what they eat and much more on a trip to the zoo. They serve as the perfect space for a fun day out with your loved ones. Zoos across the world are home to exotic animals and offer you the opportunity to learn about the native species of a specific destination. This platform brings you an all-inclusive guide to zoos across the globe, what you can expect when you visit, major highlights and how to get the best deals on zoo tickets. 

Best Zoos in Asia

Asia is a land filled with majestic animals from a range of different species. Lions, tigers, wild Asian water buffalos, Indian rhinoceros are some of the wildlife that are taken care of in several zoos across the continent. The diverse wildlife in Asia is a result of the varied landscape throughout the continent. For example, you will find wolves and leopards in Asahiyama Zoo while Singapore Zoo is home to the Asian elephant, the Asian small-clawed otter and many other animals. Every zoo in Asia has something unique to offer its visitors. Here are some of the best zoos in Asia.

Best Zoos in Europe

Europe is home to many unique and interesting zoos with a wonderful array of animals for visitors to enjoy. For example, the Paris zoo has more than 2000 animals of 180 different species. It is a favorite among children and adults. It is divided into five biozones which replicate the native ecosystem of the animals. Another example is Madrid zoo, which is one of the largest and oldest zoos in the world. You can be a part of daily animal shows featuring dolphins, sea lions and birds of prey. Each of these zoos host special shows for visitors which make the zoo experience all the more memorable. Book your zoo tickets based on your preferences right here.

Best Zoos in Oceania

Oceania consists of many large and small islands which is why you will find a diverse array of wildlife here. In fact, Oceania is known for unique and often bizarre wildlife. The region has the world’s highest concentration of animals like the  kangaroo, koala, and wombat that carry their young in a pouch. The tropical weather in Oceania also makes it suitable for many parrots and other colorful birds. Choose from several zoos in Oceania that are also conscious about the rehabilitation of wildlife. 

Best Zoos in North America

The sheer scope of the continent of North America is proof of the fact that nearly any kind of ecosystem can be found on it. This is essentially why the continent has a diverse range of wildlife species. North America is home to nearly 457 mammals, 914 birds and 662 reptiles. The diverse ecological systems sustain such a wide range of animal species. You will find many of these species at some of the best zoos in North America. Book your zoo tickets to famous zoos in North America today!

Best Zoos in South America

The animal life in South America is rich and diverse because of the wide range of habitats. The South American landmass itself is characterized by biological originality. Many animals in South America belong to exclusive groups. Every country in South America is home to exciting, exotic mammals that you will get a chance to visit at many of the zoos in South America. Here are some of the best zoos in South America that you can visit. 

Your Zoo Ticket Options Explained

zoo tickets

General Admission Ticket

Your general admission tickets offer you direct entry into the zoo and access to most of its zones. It is also usually the most inexpensive of all zoo ticket options.

zoo tickets

Skip the Line Ticket

Your Skip-the-Line zoo tickets ensure you don’t wait in long queues to enter the zoo. You can bypass the line with these and head straight into the zoo.

zoo tickets

Combo Ticket

Your Combo zoo tickets allow you to combine your visit to the zoo along with a visit to another landmark in the city or another experience.

While these are the general types of tickets you can avail of, please note that the cancellation policy and validity of your tickets vary from venue to venue. For more information about the zoo and the tickets available click on the cards under each continent.

Why Visit a Zoo?

  • It is an interesting space to explore for wildlife enthusiasts as they get a chance to witness a range of animals in one single place.
  • Children have the opportunity to learn about different kinds of animals, their natural habitat, their way of living and the kind of food they eat. It is an incredibly educational experience.
  • It is the perfect way to spend a fun day out with your family while witnessing the natural world.
  • Popular zoos have a range of exciting and immersive experiences to enhance the visitor experience.
  • You also get to learn about how zoos take care of animals and what kind of conservation efforts they are involved in. 

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All Your Questions About Zoo Tickets Answered

How can I get cheap tickets to zoos?

You can get amazing deals on zoo tickets online and choose from a wide range of zoos. Book zoo tickets here to get the best value for your money.

What's the best way to purchase zoo tickets?

The best way to purchase zoo tickets is to book them online to ensure a hassle-free experience with no waiting time. You also get access to great deals and discounts here

What are some of the best zoos in Asia?

Some of the best zoos in Asia include Asahiyama Zoo, Bali Zoo, Singapore Zoo, Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Taipei Zoo

What are some of the best zoos in Europe?

Some of the best zoos in Europe are Barcelona Zoo, Loire Valley Zoo, Madrid Zoo and Paris Zoo.

What are some of the best zoos in Oceania?

Some of the best zoos in Oceania are Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo, Taronga Zoo, Werribee Zoo

What are some of the best zoos in North America?

Some of the best zoos in North America are San Diego Zoo, St. Louis Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Henry Doorly Zoo.

What are some of the best zoos in South America?

Some of the best zoos in South America are Parques das Aves, Sao Paulo Zoo, Temaiken, Gramado Zoo